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Thursday, December 1, 2016

ECWSA NEWS - Winter 2016 Table of Contents

Authority News

Tim Schoeffel, Chairman ‘16
Ed Tanski, Vice Chairman ‘17
Vito Pilosi, Treasurer ‘18
Tim Green '18
Joe Weltner ‘16
ECWSA Website 

Meetings are currently held on the last Wednesday of each month (except December and January) at 6:00 p.m.
  at the Evans City Borough Office building located at 204 South Jackson Street.

Meeting minutes are available 
at the ECWSA office or online here.


Meter readings are taken during the odd numbered months. Even numbered months’ usage charges are estimated based on the previous twelve months of usage. Sometimes our computer will estimate usage too low. In this instance, the customer will be charged for the additional usage on the following billing cycle, after an actual reading.


Other times, our computer may estimate usage too high. When this happens, the customer will see a usage credit on the next billing cycle, after an actual reading.

In either case, customers only pay for water and sewer that they have actually used over a two month period.


Below is a sample of what your new ECWSA bill looks like. The key listed below the bill will help you locate important information. Our new billing system enables us to show any payments or credits during the previous month as well as any balance that is past due.

Information on the front of the bill includes:

A.  Customer Name.
B.   Property Address.
C.   Billing Address / Mailing Address.
D.   Account Number.
E.  Billing Cycle Dates – The period the billing is for.
F.   Billing Date – The date payment is due.
G. Past Due Balance – due immediately.
H.  Total amount due and the amount due after the due date, which includes a penalty amount.
I.  Meter Reading and Usage
J. Type of reading. A = actual reading*E = estimated reading
(*see next page for more information about estimated readings.)       
K.    Previous and current charges, and any payments that were posted since your last bill.
L.  CID – Customer Identification Number: You will need this number to create your Customer Portal.

The back of your bill is where answers to some
frequently asked questions are found, including:

  • Payment Options
  • Office Hours
  • Penalty Information
  • Water Quality Information
  • ECWSA Contact Information

LOG ON! ECWSA Launches On-line Customer Portals

When a consumer has a question about a company’s products or services, where’s the first place they look for an answer? The Internet.

Your new ECWSA customer portal is an electronic gateway to your account. There, you will have access to ECWSA services, and information, as well as online payments. ECWSA now provides a secure entry point, via our website ( that enables you log into an area where you can view, download, and upload private information.
At your portal you can:
  • ·         See a summary of bills and payments.
  • ·         Make online payments.
  • ·         Register for E-Billing.
  • ·         Print account statements and past bills. …and much more!

With the ECWSA portal, customers now have account access 24/7. No more waiting to check your account balance. Save time, save money with an ECWSA Portal.

See the instruction sheet inserted with this newsletter for instructions to set up your portal.