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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

ECWSA NEWS - Summer 2017 Table of Contents

Authority News

Ed Tanski, Chairman ‘17
Joe Weltner, Vice Chairman ‘16
Vito Pilosi, Treasurer ‘18
Tim Green '18

ECWSA Website 

Meetings are currently held on the last Wednesday of each month (except December and January) at 6:00 p.m.
  at the Evans City Borough Office building located at 204 South Jackson Street.

Meeting minutes are available 
at the ECWSA office or online here.

Meet the Newest ECWSA Board Member - Gary Nicklas

ECWSA Authority News

The Evans City Water and Sewer Authority would like to welcome our newest board member, Mr. Gary Nicklas.

Evans City residents already know Gary as a long -time resident and former Borough employee in charge of the water plant. 


His experience brings a wealth of knowledge to the ECWSA. Gary stated that by working as a board member he hopes to help his community. Welcome Gary!

Saving Water With Swimming Pools

  • Limit the frequency of pool refilling
  • Cover the pool
    • The average uncovered pool loses one inch of water per week
    • Covering the pool can save 95% of water lost to evaporation
    • Conserves heat (which can save money for heating costs)
    • Prevents accidents
    • Reduces cleaning
  • Lower the pool’s water to reduce losses from splashing
    • It’s recommended to keep the water level one inch above the bottom of the tile
  • Lower the pool temperature
    • Reducing the temperature reduces water loss to evaporation, and is particularly important when the pool is not being used
  • Backwash only when necessary
  • Check regularly for cracks and leaks
  • Keep the pool and filters clean to reduce frequency of filter backwashing
  • Run filter backwash onto lawns and shrubs or collect for reuse
  • Ensure that water is absorbed before it leaves your property and avoid allowing runoff to enter adjacent properties
  • If acid has been used to clean the pool, the water should be neutralized
 (SOURCE: Maryland Department of the Environment)